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Gaura Electric vehicles stores are growing the presence in the Indian market. We’re looking to serve our customers better with our technology. We started off with the southern part of India Coimbatore with a fast-growing customer base in metros, urban and rural towns of southern parts of India.

Why choose electric scooters in cities?

We all know the demand for battery-powered electric scooters is increasing day by day. The electric scooter is the only option to save our planets from the harmful effects of air pollution from petroleum-based vehicles. So we‘re developing electric scooters for Indian customers to provide them a faster and more convenient way to ride through traffic and narrow lanes without refueling. A cost-saving approach compared to petrol-based vehicles by a distinct margin.

Convenience charging technology that reduces the daily cost of transportation compared with petrol-based vehicles. In heavily polluted cities our electric scooters will help to reduce pollution levels. For the price of our electric scooter, you can cover data costs, charging costs both at home and in public.

The idea of riding an electric scooter in the southern parts of India is rising up due to the technology that Gaura electric provides in its electric scooters. Our electric scooter series is a good option for the young generation to go on an everyday ride in busy streets, harsh and pothole-filled roads.