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We took the effort to develop a new generation of electric scooters with cutting-edge technology that gives you incomparable comfort & convenience to ride.

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Gaura Electric Model Price


MRP: 59990 Cash Discount: 3000

Buy @ 56990

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Gaura Electric Bike
Gaura Electric Bike

No license required on the go

Our electric scooters have limited speed as compared with traditional scooters. Therefore, there are no or minimal licensing requirements.

Gaura Electric Bike

Eco friendly ride to save our environment

Best for a traffic ride without making any noise or pollution. These scooters are meant for everyday use with a powerful performance for enjoyable rides, without any noise, and eco-friendly which means you can save ₹60,000 on running costs.

Gaura Electric Bike

Low Maintenance 10-15 paise per kilometer

The maintenance cost is almost zero. And much lighter in weight to handle in busy streets when compared to petrol/diesel scooters. Can you imagine the running cost of our e-bike is around 10-15 paise per kilometer.


Refuel your scooter almost anywhere. Simply plug in your scooter for safe and secure authenticated charging. Whether in your office, home, or at a guest home, or at a restaurant, charge your vehicle with a simple adapter.

Together We Can SAVE Our Environment from pollution

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